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NGO "Green World Future" and our values

 We work in several directions and abide by the implementation of the targeted tasks among which, honesty, openness and transparency of actions are paramount.

 We appreciate the patriotic desire of the people of our country to change the current situation, give our children life in more favorable conditions, increase respect and love for nature with good deeds.

We strive to efficiently distribute resources and maximize achievements through appropriate contributions.

  • Forestry school of management-forest school of management

The most important aspect of the organization is its educational part which includes workshops, trainings and master classes, with the involvement of foreign experts to improve the skills of forestry staff. The organization plans to open the first Boy Scout school in Uzbekistan for children aged from 6 to 16 years old. The main goal of which is to instill in children  a love to nature, the disclosure of their potential and  inner talents in  various spheres of life concerning the environment,whether it  is helping  animals or explore the mountain flora and fauna.


  • Reforestation  projects

The aim of the projects is the restoration of degraded  forest  landscapes in  the  Republic of Uzbekistan and the  development of a model of artificial restoration   close to natural  forest vegetation through the creation of sustainable and recreationally attractive plantations, with the  participation of  various tree  species. We are working on the state of our forests, parks and we are trying to green the country with all possible means.


  • A public awareness – enhancing public involvement

With each new day, the issue of the ecological condition of the planet is becoming more and more urgent and most of the problems can be solved only by joint efforts. An  important  aspect is  to report  to the  public about  the  deteriorating  condition of the environment, about the necessity to take measures to prevent the environmental  crisis, as well as attracting  as many  volunteers  as possible, sponsors who  want to  help restore, preserve and enrich the  country’s  forest  resources. We are  trying to attract the attention of society by all possible  means  to  implement  our main  tasks in  greening the  Republic and protecting  the environment  as a whole.

  • Cooperation with agencies- cooperation with city services

Motivated by the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan PD-5024 dated April 21, 2017 “On improving the system of public administration in the field of ecology and protection of environment ", we cooperate with public services in order to create omnifarious conditions for a favorable ecological state of the environment of our country.

Yashil Kelajak

Let's present a green future to Uzbekistan!

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