ООН: Мировой океан - легкие планеты, которые нужно охранять.

Pollution, overfishing, oxidation and rising water temperatures,  underneathwater noise, and ice melting in the Arctic and Antarctic created an unconditional threat to the oceans. In the new report, General Secretary António Guterres  appeals  the international community to take urgent measures to protect the ocean.

The World Ocean - the “lungs” of the planet and the biggest manufacturer of oxygen. It helps regulate the global climate and is the main source of water that supports all life on the planet: from coral reefs to snow-capped peaks, forests and rivers. In addition, the oceans reduce the level of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, by bringing benefits to the whole humanity.

“The condition of the oceans has never been as threatening as it is now,” warns UN General Secretary António Guterres in a new report devoted to World Ocean

Despite the efforts of the international community to protect and preserve the marine environment and marine resources, the health of the oceans continues to suffer from many causes: pollution, primarily plastic, overfishing, underwater noise, water oxidation and other.

“Now, more than ever, the international community should put in the first place  solving ocean problems by using a comprehensive, interdisciplinary and intersectional approach,” the report tells.

In 1950, the world's population — 2.5 billion people — produced 1.5 million tons of plastic. In 2016, the number of inhabitants of the planet exceeded 7 billion people, and the amount of plastic reached 300 million tons, which turned out to be irreversible consequences for marine plants and animals. Given the extent of pollution of the oceans with plastic, most of the inhabitants of the seas are already infected with plastic waste, either directly or through the food chain, absorbing small marine animals. If this trend continues, by 2050, the oceans will contain more plastic in specific weight than fish.

The General Secretary’s report notes that some progress has been made in protecting the oceans. The UN General Assembly adopted a resolution on the prevention of pollution of marine ecosystems. Throughout the world, taking measures to clean the oceans from plastic. Nevertheless, humanity has not fully grasped the importance of the oceans for the life and health of people.

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